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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
BEHIND (someone's) BACK   〜のいないところで、〜に隠れて


  • To do something behind someone's back is to do something they would not like or approve of, without them knowing.
  • behind someone's back とは、〜のいないところで、〜に隠れて、という意味です。相手が好まないと思われることや、認めていないことを、その人に知られずに行うときに使われます。

BEHIND (someone's) BACK


  1. I thought she was my friend until I found out what she was saying about me behind my back.
  2. He was fired for selling the restaurant's secret pesto sauce recipe to another restaurant behind the manager's back.
  3. When she learned that her boyfriend was seeing other women behind her back, she was heartbroken (= very sad).

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