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We've got a terrific set of expressions for you this week, all sharing two things in common: Each contains one or more words indicating direction, AND each is an extremely useful addition to anyone's vocabulary. Enjoy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
UPSIDE DOWN   上下さかさまに


  • If something is upside down, it has been turned so that the part that should be at the top is at the bottom.
  • upside down とは、何かが逆向きになって、いちばん上にあるべき部分が、いちばん下になっている状態を言います。



  1. a: Is there more ketchup? This bottle is empty.
    b: Try turning the bottle upside down for a while. There's still a little on the bottom.
  2. (an American looking at a Japanese menu)
    a: I can't read a word of this menu.
    b: That's because you're holding it upside down.
  3. There were thousands of bats hanging upside down from the top of the cave.

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