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For Life
2008.01.30(Review of 2003.01.22 edition)

They say the average cold lasts about a week to ten days and that you're contagious for about half that time. So you should be able to justify staying home from work for about three or four days as a courtesy to your co-workers, and for several more days as a courtesy to yourself.

Today's Lesson
RUNNY/STUFFED UP (NOSE)   鼻水が出る/(鼻が)詰まった


  • Your nose is runny if it continuously produces a large amount of thin mucus (= a sticky liquid produced in the nose), such as when you have a cold or hay fever.

    Your nose is stuffed up when it is blocked with mucus, making it difficult to breathe through your nose.
  • 鼻から、鼻水が絶え間なく大量に出る状態のことを、runny と言います。例えば、風邪や花粉症のときに、この症状が出ます。

    鼻水で鼻が詰まって、鼻で呼吸をするのが難しいような状態のことは、stuffed up と言います。



  1. This runny nose is driving me crazy! I've used up three boxes of tissue since yesterday.
  2. You've got a sore throat, a runny nose, and a 38-degree temperature. Don't you think you should stay home and rest?
  3. My nose is so stuffed up that I can't smell a thing.
  4. It's hard to breathe while eating when you have a stuffed up nose.

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