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2008.01.23(Review of 2002.01.15 edition)

Greetings! Here's a little something to tide you over until your next meal. Enjoy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SNACK   軽食、間食/軽食をとる、間食をとる


  • A snack (noun) is a small amount of food or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals.

    A snack (noun) is also food such as potato chips and rice crackers that is made to be eaten between meals.

    To snack (verb) is to eat a snack.

    Be Careful! The English word snack is NOT used like the Japanese スナック to mean a small pub or bar. There is the English expression “snack bar”; however, this is NOT a bar at all. It's a small shop or restaurant that serves snacks or light meals, such as you sometimes find in train stations, movie theater lobbies, etc.
  • 名詞の snack は、少量の食べ物や軽食のことで、特に、通常の食事と食事の間に食べるもの、つまり、間食をさします。


    動詞の snack は、軽食をとる、間食をとるという意味です。

    注意:日本語では、洋風の居酒屋を「スナック」と呼びますが、これは和製英語です。英語にも snack bar という表現がありますが、お酒を出す店という意味はありません。英語では、スナック菓子や軽食を売っているお店、例えば、駅の構内や映画館のロビーにあるようなものをさします。



  1. I don't have much of an appetite yet; I just had a snack a little while ago.
  2. Brian's on a diet, so he usually only has a snack for lunch.
  3. I give the kids a snack at 3:00, when they come home from school.
  4. I'm afraid I eat too many sugary snacks, like cookies and candy. I have a sweet tooth.
  5. We usually eat pretty healthy and try not to snack between meals.
  6. When I don't have time for a proper lunch, I often snack on crackers and fruit at my desk.
  7. Let's get something to snack on in the car. It's a long drive to Karuizawa.
  8. (waiting at the airport)
    The flight attendant says they won't be serving a meal on the flight. Let's get something at the snack bar before they start boarding.

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