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Hello, and welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster@Work!

Three weeks ago we introduced you to five important expressions, all ending with the word “price”. This week we offer you five more expressions, but this time each one BEGINS with “price”. Let's start with an expression well-timed for the Christmas shopping season!

Today's Lesson
PRICE TAG   値段、値札


  • The price tag of something is how much it costs.

    It's also a label attached to an item that shows how much it costs.
  • price tag とは、ある商品がいくらするか、つまり、値段のことです。




  1. The price tag for the new high speed rail system may well exceed $12 billion.
  2. Of course it's a nice office chair, but do you really think it's worth the $690 price tag?
  3. (customer to sales clerk)
    Excuse me, but how much is this jacket? I don't see a price tag on it.

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