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For Life
2007.12.20(Review of 2003.01.16 edition)

The virtual cold spell continues here at Berlitz WordMaster, and here's another remarkable winter fact for you to think about as you huddle by the fire: A man once claimed to have found a snowflake that was 38 centimeters (15 inches) wide. It fell (crashed?) in Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1887. Imagine trying to catch that on your tongue!

Today's Lesson
FROSTBITE   霜やけ、凍傷


  • Frostbite is damage to a part of the body (especially fingers and toes) caused by cold weather.
  • frostbite は、寒さによって体の一部(特に、指やつま先)に生じる痛み、つまり、霜やけや凍傷のことです。



  1. Put on some mittens or you'll get frostbite.
  2. My father lost a couple of toes to frostbite while mountain climbing.
  3. It's important to make sure your child dresses warmly in order to prevent frostbite.

英会話レッスンKeep those fingers and toes well covered!