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2007.12.19(Review of 2003.01.15 edition)

Hi! If it's colder than you'd like where you are, then it may help to know that it could be a LOT worse. Try to wrap your head around this fact, for example: The world's lowest recorded temperature was -89.2 degrees centigrade (-128.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in Vostok, Antarctica. Yikes!

Today's Lesson


  • Frost is the thin, white layer of ice that forms on outdoor surfaces such as the ground, windows, and plants when the temperature falls below freezing.
  • frost は、地面、窓、植物など、屋外にあるものの表面にできる薄くて白い氷の層のことです。一般的に、気温が氷点下まで下がったときにできます。



  1. (leaving the house in the morning)
    I'll warm up the car and scrape the frost off the windshield while you're getting ready.
  2. The bare fields were covered in frost. They looked cold and lonely.
  3. There was frost on the windows, and the wind was blowing hard outside, but we were cozy sitting by the fire.

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