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When women who have devoted their lives to their religion sing songs of Christmas, the words take on special meaning. We hope you enjoy today's edition!

Today's Lesson
NUN   尼僧、修道女


  • A nun is a member of a religious group of women, usually living together, who promise not to marry and to live their lives serving God.

    * See the 9 August 2007 WordMaster, “PRIEST vs. MONK”.
  • nun とは、たいていは、共同生活をし、神に奉仕する人生を送るために、独身でいることを誓っている、宗教的な女性の集団に所属する人のことです。

    * 2007/8/9 の WordMaster “PRIEST vs. MONK” 参照



  1. Martha went to a Catholic school where all the teachers were nuns.
  2. The nuns at my church sing carols from 11 p.m. to midnight every year on Christmas Eve. Would you like to come hear them with me?
  3. (inside a Spanish cathedral during a church service)
    a: What's the priest saying?
    b: He's asking people to pray for all the nuns around the world who are serving the sick and the poor.

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