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In many American homes, the kitchen table is used for everyday meals, while the dining room table is reserved for company and special events. But today we talk about a table of sorts that's even more special!

Today's Lesson
ALTAR   祭壇、供物台(神棚、仏壇)


  • An altar is a table or similar flat, raised surface used for religious ceremonies in a church or temple.

    The object in many Japanese homes at which people pray or make offerings is also called an altar, a “Buddhist altar”, or a “family altar”.
  • altar とは、教会や寺院での礼拝に使われるテーブル、または、それに似て表面が平らで高いテーブルのことをさします。

    多くの日本の家にある、祈ったり、供え物をしたりするもの、つまり、神棚や仏壇のことも、altar と言います。Buddhist altar (仏壇のみ)または family altar と言うこともあります。



  1. At my church, they always decorate the altar with bright red poinsettias for the Christmas season.
  2. The temple's head priest chanted prayers while sitting cross-legged in front of the golden altar.
  3. (a foreign student talking about an experience in Japan)
    We each lit a stick of incense at the small family altar where they had placed a photograph of Aki's grandmother.

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