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Today's Lesson
(HEAD)ACHE   痛み(頭痛)


  • An ache (noun) is a constant, usually dull (= not strong) pain.

    We call an ache in your head a headache, an ache in your back a backache, etc.

    If a part of your body aches (verb), you feel a constant dull pain there.
  • ache (名詞)とは、多くの場合、持続的な鈍い痛み、うずきのことです。

    例えば、頭痛のことは headache、腰痛は backache と言います。

    ache を動詞として使うと、体の一部に、持続的な鈍い痛みを感じる、という意味になります。



  1. He's always complaining about his aches and pains, but he's not even 50 yet.
  2. I've had this headache for three days now. I think I'd better see a doctor about it.
  3. (making an appointment to see a doctor)
    NURSE: What are your child's symptoms?
    MOTHER: She has a fever, a bad earache, and she coughs a lot.
  4. (three roommates at the end of moving day)
    a: My arms ache from lifting all those boxes.
    b: My legs ache from walking up and down stairs all day.
    c: I'm aching all over!

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