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(BLOOD/URINE) SAMPLE   (血液/尿)サンプル


  • Blood is the red liquid that is pumped by the heart and moves throughout the body.

    Urine is the yellowish liquid that flows out of the body when you use a toilet.

    A blood sample or urine sample is a small amount of blood/urine that a doctor gets from a patient and looks at carefully in order to learn about the patient's health.
  • blood とは、心臓から送り出されて、体中を巡る赤い液体、つまり、血液のことです。

    urine とは、お手洗いに行ったときに、体から出てくる黄色みを帯びた液体、つまり、尿のことです。

    blood sample または urine sample とは、医師が患者から採取する少量の血液や尿のことで、医師は、それを詳しく検査して患者の健康状態について調べます。



  1. He was badly cut and had lost a lot of blood by the time we got him to the hospital.
  2. The doctor found high levels of sugar in my urine.
  3. (doctor to patient)
    I'll need to take a blood sample to check your cholesterol level.
  4. (boy to mother)
    a: I'm supposed to use this bottle to take a urine sample to school tomorrow.
    b: Why don't you put it on the toilet so you don't forget when you wake up in the morning?

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