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For Life
2007.11.08(Review of 2004.11.11 edition)

Hello again!

In the drama of medicine, today's WordMaster is the happy ending we all hope for!

Today's Lesson
CURE   治す、治療薬、治療法


  • To cure (verb) a disease or similar medical condition is to make it go away.

    To cure (verb) someone who is sick is to make them healthy again.

    A cure (noun) is medicine or a medical technique that can make a sick person healthy again.
  • cure a disease とは、病気やその類似の症状をなくす、という意味です。この場合の cure は、動詞として使います。

    cure someone と言うと、病気の人を再び健康にする、という意味になります。この場合の cure は、動詞として使います。

    名詞として使う cure は、病気の人を再び健康にするための薬や医療技術、つまり、治療薬、治療法、という意味です。



  1. I had had terrible headaches all my life, but after I stopped eating dairy products my headaches were cured.
  2. a: Your daughter has malaria.
    b: You will be able to cure her, won't you doctor?
  3. Do you think they'll ever find a cure for cancer?
  4. Although there are many ways to treat the symptoms of a cold, there is no known cure.

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