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Sometimes the difference between good grooming and superlative grooming is just a few drops of this!

Today's Lesson
PERFUME / COLOGNE   香水/オーデコロン


  • Perfume is a liquid with a strong, pleasant smell that is often used on the skin to make a person smell good.

    Cologne is a light perfume.
  • perfume とは、強くてよい香りがする液体のことです。たいていは、体からよい香りを漂わせるために、肌につけて使われます。

    cologne は、香りの弱い香水のことです。



  1. (at a department store)
    Smell this perfume. It's like a flower garden in a bottle!
  2. a: What perfume are you wearing?
    b: It's a new fragrance (= perfume or cologne) by Berlitz de Paris.
  3. a: How much cologne should I use?
    b: You don't need to put on more than a few drops.
  4. (to a store clerk)
    Can you recommend a really good men's cologne? I want to get my husband something special for his birthday.

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