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For Life
2007.09.21(Review of 2003.04.03 edition)

Hello again! The subject at hand is “How Hair Changes with Age”, and today we wrap it all up.

Enjoy your Friday WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
WIG / TOUPEE   かつら/(男性用部分)かつら


  • A wig is a head covering made of natural or artificial (= not natural) hair, usually worn to cover less attractive hair or by someone who is balding.

    A toupee is a wig for men, used to cover only the part of the head that is bald.
  • wig は、人毛、または人工毛で作られた頭にかぶるもの、つまり、かつらのことです。たいてい、見ばえの悪さを隠したり、はげつつある人がかぶったりします。

    toupee は、はげた部分を隠すための男性用部分かつらのことです。



  1. Sheila's not really blonde, you know. That's just a wig she's wearing.
  2. (at a hat and wig shop)
    Put on this wig. I want to see what you look like with long hair.
  3. a: He has such a full head of hair for a man his age.
    b: Actually, he wears a toupee. It looks very natural, doesn't it?

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