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Sometimes a harsh word can be the surest sign of a parent's affection ... or it might just mean that someone is at the end of their rope!

Today's Lesson
SCOLD   叱る


  • To scold someone is to criticize them angrily; for example, to criticize a child for being naughty.
  • scold とは、怒って人を批判するという意味です。例えば、行儀が悪いために、子どもに小言を言う、というような場合です。



  1. We don't hesitate to scold our children when they're naughty, but we also give them lots of praise when they're good.
  2. (wife to husband)
    I really wish you wouldn't scold the kids in front of guests.
  3. I was rather bored in junior high and was often scolded by my teachers for talking in class.

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