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Earlier this year on the first of March, we introduced you to the expression “well-behaved”. If you have an extra moment, we suggest you review that expression, because today we look at its opposite!

Today's Lesson
NAUGHTY   行儀の悪い、いたずらな


  • A child is naughty if he or she behaves (= acts) badly or does not do as told (by his or her parents, teachers, etc.).
  • naughty とは、子どもの行儀が悪かったり、(親や教師などから)言われた通りにしなかったりする、という意味です。



  1. (mother to babysitter)
    I don't think you'll have any trouble with the kids tonight. But if they ARE naughty, call me on my cell phone.
  2. Eddie's teacher called. He's been naughty at school again.
  3. (father to child)
    If you don't stop being naughty, I'm not going to let you watch cartoons today.
  4. Santa doesn't give presents to naughty boys and girls - only nice ones.

英会話レッスンYou deserve a gold star for good behavior!