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For Life
2007.08.21(Review of 2002.07.05 edition)

Here's an insect many of us love dearly. Just hearing its call, in fact, inspires fond memories of past summer seasons!

Today's Lesson


  • A cicada is the large insect that comes out of the ground in the summer and is heard buzzing continuously in the daytime from trees, poles, etc. throughout Japan.
  • cicada とは、夏になると地中から出てくる大きな昆虫のことで、日中、木や電柱にとまってひっきりなしに鳴いている声が日本中で聞かれます。



  1. The kids spent the afternoon in the park catching cicadas.
  2. Most people who've lived in Japan for a while can recognize the different calls of the most common kinds of cicadas.
  3. The sound of cicadas buzzing in the forest was so loud we could hardly hear each other talk.

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