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As noted at the end of yesterday's edition, we'll be taking a one-week break for the Obon holiday beginning Monday. And today, instead of the usual WordMaster Challenge, we bring you the final edition in our series on temples and shrines. It's been a fine journey we've had together!

Today's Lesson
CHANT   唱える、詠唱


  • To chant (verb) is to sing a very simple, repeating melody in which many words or syllables in a row are sung to the same note.

    It is also to speak (often shout) in rhythm, usually repeating the same word or phrase again and again.

    A chant (noun) is a song or repeated phrase of this kind.
  • 動詞の chant は、とても単調で繰り返しの多い旋律の歌を歌う、という意味です。一続きになっているいくつもの単語や音節が、同じ高さの音で歌われます。

    また、リズムに合わせて(しばしば大声で)唱える、という意味もあり、たいていは、同じ単語や語句を何度も繰り返して言う、という意味です。 また、名詞形も chant で、そのような歌や語句の繰り返し、つまり、詠唱のことです。



  1. (friends at a funeral in Japan)
    JOHN: What is the priest saying?
    HIRO: He's chanting a Buddhist sutra. It's kind of like praying.
  2. There was a crowd of people in front of City Hall today chanting anti-war slogans.
  3. (a player on the Berlitz High School baseball team)
    It was the first time we'd ever played in front of so many people. They were all chanting “Ber - litz - Ber - litz - Ber - litz!” It was very exciting!
  4. At the Christmas Eve mass at the cathedral, we heard a choir perform traditional carols and Gregorian chants.

英会話レッスンHave a terrific break, and we'll see you back here on Monday, the 20th! We leave you today with a song:

   And now that the weekend is almost here,
   We all have reason to chant and cheer:
   “O - bon - O - bon - O - bon!”