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Many great buildings also have impressive open spaces adjacent to them - a place from which to view the building to better effect or a private space set off from the world outside. Here's a word for the latter!

Today's Lesson


  • A courtyard is an open area surrounded by walls or buildings, such as in a temple, large apartment building, or school.
  • courtyard とは、寺院や大きなマンション、学校などで、壁や建物に囲まれた屋外の空間、つまり、中庭のことです。



  1. You pass through a huge temple gate into a wide courtyard.
  2. The bride and groom crossed the courtyard of the shrine in wedding kimono to get to the main hall, where the ceremony was to be held.
  3. My favorite place to study at my university was on a bench in the central courtyard next to the orchestra building.
  4. Our hotel room overlooked a lovely courtyard garden.

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