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GATE   出入り口、門(扉)


  • A gate is
    (1) an opening in a fence, outside wall, or row of bushes/trees, through which people go in and out,
    (2) a door-like object that blocks such an opening, or
    (3) a structure that surrounds such an opening.
  • gate には、次のような3つの意味があります。

    (2) (1)のようなすき間にある、扉のようなもの、門扉。
    (3) (1)のようなすき間の周りにある構造全体、門。



  1. (giving directions)
    Walk up a long stone staircase, then take a right after you pass through the gate. The meditation hall is the first building on the right.
  2. You left the gate to the front yard open again.
  3. There were a lot of people taking pictures in front of Kaminari-mon, the famous gate at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa.

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