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Hello again!

Alright, today's topic isn't actually a way to predict the future, but it still seems to fit nicely in this week's set. And given how often it's talked about, you'll surely want to master this one!

Today's Lesson
(BLOOD) TYPE   血液型


  • Your blood type is the particular kind of blood that you have; for example, type A, B, O or AB.
  • blood type とは、人の血液における特定の種類、つまり、血液型のことです。例えば、type A, B, O, AB などと使います。



  1. a: What blood type are you?
    b: I'm type A.
  2. a: What's your blood type?
    b: AB.
  3. Do you believe that a person's blood type affects their personality?
  4. (reading a magazine)
    It says here that people with type-O blood are often very laid-back and that type Os are also active people.

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