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We're all curious about what the future holds, and sometimes it's hard to wait until tomorrow - much less next year - in order to find out. This week is all about the curious ways that curious people have tried to get a glimpse of the future!

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Today's Lesson
(TELL SOMEONE'S) FORTUNE   (人の)運勢(を占う)


  • Your fortune is a prediction (= a guess) of what your future will be like, especially whether you will have good luck or not.

    To tell someone's fortune is to say what their future will be like.

    A fortune teller is someone who tells people their fortunes.
  • fortune とは、将来がどのようなものか、特に幸運に恵まれるかどうかに関する予測、つまり、運勢のことです。

    tell someone's fortune と言うと、誰かの将来がどのようなものかをその人に伝える、つまり、運勢を占う、という意味です。

    fortune teller は、人の将来を告げる人、つまり、占い師のことです。



  1. (foreign tourists at a shrine in Japan)
    a: What are those strips of paper everyone's tying to that tree?
    b: Those are omikuji. They're fortunes that you get by drawing lots (= sticks) from a little wooden box.
  2. (at a carnival)
    Look, there's a fortune teller. Let's have her tell our fortunes!
  3. a: Have you ever had your fortune told?
    b: Never. I don't really believe in that kind of thing.

英会話レッスンMay your fortune be bright this day and every day!