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2007.07.06(Review of 2003.07.03 edition)


One of our more enthusiastic readers once said that a really good WordMaster is like a breath of fresh air. Well, that's never been truer than today!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
AIR (OUT)   外気にさらす、換気する


  • To air or air out futons, bed sheets, shoes, etc. is to hang or put them in the open so that they smell fresh and are no longer damp.

    To air out a room is to let lots of fresh air into the room by opening doors or windows.

    Be Careful! When clothes, bed sheets, etc. are very wet (for example, when you've just taken them out of the washer), you “hang them out to dry”. You do NOT just “air them out”.
  • air または air out は、布団、シーツ、靴などの臭いや湿気を取るために、戸外に干したり、置いておいたりする、という意味です。

    air out a room は、ドアや窓を開けて、新鮮な空気をたくさん部屋に取り入れる、つまり、換気をする、という意味です。

    注意:洗濯機から取り出したばかりのときなど、服やシーツがとてもぬれている場合は、air out ではなく、hang out to dry (外に干す)という表現を使います。



  1. This is the first dry day we've had all week, so it seems like everyone in the neighborhood is airing their futons.
  2. It's so nice to sleep on a freshly aired futon.
  3. My mother would always air out our sheets and pillowcases before she'd make our beds.
  4. This room smells terrible! You should air it out once in a while.
  5. I usually air out the bathroom after I take a shower, to keep mold from growing.

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