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2007.05.18(Review of 2000.09.29 edition)

The weekend is just a few hours away. Relax, enjoy it, and don't forget to look for us in your mailbox come Monday.

But first, Friday's WordMaster!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
GET (to the office)   到着する


  • Get can mean “arrive”.

    Be Careful! For most places, we use the expression “get TO”, as in “get TO Yokohama”, “get TO school”, and “get TO the station”; however, we do NOT use “to” before the words “home”, “here”, and “there”.
  • get には、到着するという、意味があります。

    注意: 「〜に着く」と言いたい場合、get TO Yokohama, get TO school, get TO the station のように、たいていは、目的地の前に to をつけます。ただし、home, here, there に関しては、to はつけません。

GET (to the office)


  1. I like to get to the office early so that I can get home early.
  2. We never got to the party. The car broke down on the way.
  3. (passenger to flight attendant)
    How much longer before we get to Dublin?
  4. (at a restaurant)
    a: Shall we order?
    b: Let's wait until Barbara gets here.

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