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(TOTAL) VALUE   (総)価値、金額


  • An item's value is how much money it is worth.

    The total value of two or more items is how much money they are worth all together.
  • value とは、ある品物がどのくらいの金額に値するか、つまり、物の価値のことです。

    total value は、2つ以上の品物が、合計でどのくらいの金額に値するか、という意味です。


  1. (to someone putting a stack of old comic books into a recycling bin)
    a: You're not just going to throw those comic books away, are you?
    b: Why not? They're just taking up space in the attic.
    a: You should find out their value first. They might be worth a lot of money.
  2. (a lucky homeowner in California)
    The value of my house has doubled since I bought it ten years ago.
  3. I've heard that a new car loses about 30% of its value the very first time you drive it.
  4. (customs officer to arriving passenger)
    a: What is the total value of all gifts you're bringing with you?
    b: It's about $250.

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