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One thing that international travel certainly does is make you conscious of where you come from, because it's a label we all wear while passing through immigration!

Today's Lesson
CITIZEN (SHIP)   国民、市民 (国籍、市民権)


  • A citizen of a particular country is a “member” of that country who has certain legal rights because of being born there or who has received those rights from the government after living there for a period of time.

    Citizenship is the state (= situation or status) of being a citizen.
  • citizen とは、特定の国の一員、つまり、国民のことです。citizen には、その国で生まれたことによって、一定の法律上の権利を有する人と、一定期間その国に住んだことによって、政府から同様の権利を付与された人がいます。

    citizenship は、ある国の一員である状態をさします。


  1. Any foreigner who is married to a Japanese citizen can apply for a Spouse Visa.
  2. What do I have to do if I want to become a U.S. citizen?
  3. (an arriving passenger in Sydney to an immigration officer)
    a: Is this the line I should be standing in?
    b: No, this line is for Australian citizens only.
  4. (immigration officer to arriving passenger)
    a: What's your country of citizenship?
    b: Japan.
  5. (an American citizen)
    Because my daughter was born in California and her father is Japanese, she has dual citizenship (= she's a citizen of both Japan and the U.S.).

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