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When life is in full bloom, it's a lovely thing. But a by-product of nature's effort to be fertile and multiply are the clouds of pollen that terrorize Japan's population around this time every year. Well, if you're still able to carry on a conversation between all the sneezes and sniffles, here are a few words you might want to know!

Today's Lesson
ALLERGY   アレルギー


  • If someone has an allergy to a food or other substance, contact with that substance can cause an unpleasant reaction such as a runny nose, red or itchy skin or eyes, or trouble breathing.
  • allergy とは、食べ物やその他の物質に触れることによって、鼻水が出る、皮膚や目が赤くなったりかゆくなったりする、息苦しくなるなどの不快な反応が出ること、つまり、アレルギーのことです。


  1. a: How long have you had that cold?
    b: It's not a cold; it's allergies. I always get like this during hay fever season.
  2. I think I may have an allergy to avocados. Every time I eat them, my throat starts to itch.
  3. My sister recently learned that she has a wheat allergy. Now she has to stop eating bread, her favorite cereal, pasta, and a lot of other foods.
  4. Peanut allergies can be extremely serious. In many cases, eating even just one peanut can cause a dangerous reaction.

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