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Many children believe themselves to be the center of the universe, and the surest sign that a child is growing up is when that belief begins to fade and they start to think about others as well as themselves. Here's a word of praise for your child when you see this change beginning to happen!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
CONSIDERATE   思いやりのある、親切な


  • If someone is considerate, they think about the needs and feelings of other people and try to help them.

    If an action is considerate, it shows that the person who did the action is thinking about the needs and feelings of others.

    Be Careful! If a PERSON is considerate, we often say that the person is “considerate OF people/others/other people/etc. ” If an ACTION is considerate, we say that the action is “considerate OF (the person who does it) ”.
  • 人について considerate と言うと、その人が他の人の必要としていることや感情について考えたり、手助けしようとする、つまり、思いやりのある、親切な、という意味になります。

    ある行為について considerate と言うと、その行為をした人が、他の人の必要としていることや、感情について考えている、という意味を表します。

    注意:誰かが思いやりのある人だ、と言いたい場合は、the PERSON is considerate OF people/others/other peopleなどと使います。また、誰かの行為が思いやり深い、と言う場合は、the action is “considerate OF (行為を行う人)” と使います。


  1. Joseph is the kindest, most considerate man I've ever met.
  2. I wish you'd try to be more considerate of other people. All you think about is yourself.
  3. a: I'll get your sweater for you, Grandma. You look cold.
    b:  Thank you, dear. That's very considerate of you.
  4. (a mother to her teenage son)
    It wasn't very considerate of you to stay out so late without calling me. I was worried.

英会話レッスンIt was considerate of you to come!