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  • A martial art is any traditional (especially Asian) system of fighting or self-defense, such as karate and judo.

    Be Careful! We normally use this expression as a countable noun. For example, if you practice karate, you practice “a martial art”. If you practice karate and judo, you practice “martial arts”. But we usually do NOT say that you practice “martial art”.
  • martial art とは、(特にアジアの)伝統的な戦闘術、または自己防衛のための技、例えば空手や柔道のことです。

    注意:martial art は、通常、数えられる名詞として使います。例えば、空手を練習する場合、you practice a martial art と言います。空手と柔道を練習する場合、you practice martial arts と言います。普通、you practice martial art という言い方はしません。


  1. a: How many martial arts are there in the Olympics?
    b: I'm not sure, but I know that judo and taekwondo are both Olympic events.
  2. A friend of ours is competing in the National Martial Arts Tournament next month.
  3. My diving instructor is a former Marine and a martial arts expert.
  4. Karate is by far the most popular martial art in that country. I heard that it's practiced by over 50,000 people.

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