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Ho, Ho, Ho! Welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster on this, the day after Christmas! We hope that you had a terrific holiday weekend and that all your Christmas dreams came true! And now that Christmas is behind us, the WordMaster's thoughts turn to the New Year. Our theme for the week? “The Nature of New Year's”. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
SUNRISE / SUNSET   日の出/日の入り


  • Sunrise is the event of the sun coming up over the horizon in the morning. It is also the time of the day when this happens.

    Sunset is the event of the sun disappearing below the horizon in the evening. It is also the time of the day when this happens.
  • sunrise とは、朝、太陽が地平線の上に昇ってくる現象、つまり、日の出のことです。また、この現象が起こる時刻をさすこともあります。

    sunset は、夕方、太陽が地平線の下へと姿を消す現象、つまり、日の入りのことです。また、この現象が起こる時刻をさすこともあります。


  1. It has always been a tradition for our family to watch the first sunrise of the New Year together.
  2. I like to get up at sunrise and start the day early.
  3. I saw the most beautiful sunset last night. It was just like a painting!

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