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2006.12.11(Review of 2002.02.12 edition)

Welcome back!

Did you have a chance to watch any of the events at the Asian Games this weekend? If not, you've missed some truly thrilling moments. And thrills are what's in store for you this coming week, both at the Games and right here at Berlitz WordMaster! So let's begin ...

Ready, set, GO!

Today's Lesson
MEN'S / WOMEN'S / LADIES'   男子の/女子の


  • To talk about a sport or sporting event in which only men compete, use the word men's; for example, “men's basketball”, “the men's 400 meters”, etc.

    For women, use the word women's. The word ladies' is also sometimes used for this purpose, although less often.

    These words are also used in phrases such as “the men's/ladies' (rest)room”, “the men's/ladies' department”, “men's/women's/ladies' fashion”, etc.
  • スポーツの競技で、参加者が男性に限定されている場合、men's という言葉を使います。例:men's basketball(男子バスケットボール)、the men's 400 meters(男子400メートル)

    女性の場合は、women's という言葉を使います。ladies' もときどき使われますが、あまり多くはありません。

    the men's/ladies' (rest)room(男性/女性用トイレ)、
    the men's/ladies' department(デパートの 男性/女性向け商品売り場)、men's/women's/ladies' fashion(男性/女性のファッション)、など


  1. My favorite moment from the Nagano Olympics was the Japanese team's victory in the men's ski jumping competition.
  2. Men's tennis has really changed - it's all serve and volley now. I think women's tennis is a lot more interesting to watch.
  3. (at a department store information desk)
    Excuse me, where's the ladies' room?
  4. JOE: How can you always be so well-dressed? I never know what to wear.
    ROBERT: It's really not that hard. Just buy a men's fashion magazine once in a while to get ideas.

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