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2006.12.06(Review of 2002.02.22 edition)

What city wouldn't like to hold the biggest party of the year?

Today's Lesson
HOST (COUNTRY)   主催する、開催(国)


  • When a city or country hosts an event such as the Olympics or the Asian Games, the event is held there.

    Such a city or country is called the host city or host country.
  • ある都市や国が、オリンピックやアジア大会のような催しを開催する場合、host という動詞を使います。

    このような都市や国、つまり、開催都市、開催国のことを host cityhost country と言います。


  1. (old newspaper headline)
    “Qatar to host 2006 Asian Games!”
  2. Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
  3. Host cities start getting ready for the Olympics years in advance.
  4. It's a tradition at the opening ceremony for the host country's team to enter the stadium last.
  5. (future newspaper headline)
    Mars to host 2090 Summer Olympics!”

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