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Today's Lesson


  • A cosmetic is a substance you put on your skin (especially your face) or nails in order to make yourself look attractive.
  • cosmetic とは、魅力的に見せるために、(特に顔の)肌や爪に塗るもの、つまり、化粧品のことです。


  1. Some common cosmetics include lipstick, foundation, rouge, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, and various skin-care lotions and creams.
  2. a: How much do you think you spend on cosmetics in a year?
    b: Not very much. I only wear makeup for special occasions.
  3. (at airport security)
    a: What's in the bag?
    b: Just a few toiletries and cosmetics.
  4. a: Do you have any sunscreen I can use?
    b: I think there's some in my cosmetic case. Let me check.

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