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For Life
2006.11.16(Review of 2001.09.05 edition)

Okay, they've done preschool, and they've just finished a year or more of kindergarten. Now it's time for the real learning to begin!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
(FIRST) GRADER   (1)年生


  • A student in the first year of elementary school is called a first grader. We also can say second grader, third grader, etc.

    Be Careful! In American English, it's more common to say, for example, fifth grader than “fifth-year student”.
  • 小学校の第1学年の生徒のことを first grader(1年生)と言います。順に second grader(2年生)、third grader(3年生)などと言います。

    注意: アメリカ英語では、例えば、fifth-year student と言うより fifth grader(5年生)と言う方が一般的です。


  1. (a teacher at an elementary school)
    The first graders are only in school for half a day today.
  2. All the fifth graders are away on a class trip. They'll be back in school the day after tomorrow.
  3. Since my daughter became a sixth grader, she's had to do a lot more homework.

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