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If you'd like to give your kids a head start in school, this may be just the place for them!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • A nursery school or preschool is a school for very young children, often before they enter kindergarten.

    Be Careful[1]! In general, nursery schools and preschools are not just day care. They usually have one or more qualified teachers on the staff, and the games and other activities for the children are meant to be educational.

    Be Careful[2]! The Japanese word 保育園 can be translated as either “day care center” or nursery school/preschool. When talking about a place that puts a lot of focus on educational activities, use the expression nursery school or preschool.
  • nursery school あるいは preschool とは、就学前の子どものための教育機関の一つで、たいていは、幼稚園に入る前の子どもが通うところです。

    注意[1]:一般に、nursery schoolpreschool は、単に子どもを預かる場所ではありません。職員の中に、1人以上の資格を有する教師がいて、教育的な意図を持って子どもたちにゲームなどの活動をさせています。

    注意[2]:日本語の「保育園」を英語訳すると、day care center または、nursery school/preschool になります。その中でも、教育的アクティビティを重点的にさせるところを言う場合、nursery school または preschool と言います。

  • アメリカの preschool/nursery school は、一般的におよそ2歳から5歳までの子どもが通いますので、日本語訳をする場合に「幼稚園」とも訳します。


  1. How old were your kids when they started nursery school?
  2. I don't think my little Bobby is quite ready for nursery school yet. He still needs his mommy too much.
  3. a: How did you and Martha meet?
    b: Our children went to the same preschool.
  4. How important do you think a preschool education is to a child's future success in school?

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