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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
MAILBOX   郵便ポスト、郵便受け


  • In the United States, a mailbox is a large container in a public place in which people can put letters to be picked up and delivered by the post office.

    A mailbox is also a container to which mail is delivered, such as those in front of people's homes.

    Be Careful! The word “post”, like the Japanese ポスト, is NOT used in the United States to mean mailbox.
  • アメリカで mailbox と言うと、郵便局が回収、配達をしてくれる、公共の場所に設置された大きな入れ物、つまり、郵便ポストのことです。

    mailbox は、家の前にあるような、郵便物が配達される箱、郵便受けをさすこともあります。

    注意:英語では、mailbox の意味として、日本語のように “post” という単語を使うことはありません。


  1. (a man to his wife before she leaves the house)
    Can you mail this letter for me? There's a mailbox on your way, isn't there?
  2. (a tourist to a storekeeper)
    Do you know where I can find a mailbox around here?
  3. (a man at home, to his son)
    Can you check to see if there's anything in the mailbox? I saw the mailman go by a little while ago.

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