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2006.09.27(Review of 2002.09.25 edition)


Among the many kinds of food that make this season so special, here's one of our favorites! Please enjoy today's fall menu item!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ


  • A mushroom is a living thing similar to a plant, but has no leaves or flowers and has a round top and short stem.

    Be Careful! In English, some mushrooms are called by their Japanese names, usually followed by the word mushroom(s); for example, “matsutake mushrooms”, “shiitake mushrooms”, and “shimeji mushrooms”.
  • mushroom(キノコ)は、植物のようですが、葉も花もなく、上部に丸い傘がついており、その下に短い軸がついている菌類です。

    注意:英語でも、いくつかのキノコは日本名で呼ばれています。日本名の後に、mushroom(s) をつけるのが一般的です。例えば、matsutake mushrooms、shiitake mushrooms、shimeji mushrooms などと言います。


  1. (a waiter taking an order)
    a: What would you like to eat?
    b: I'll have the spaghetti with mushroom sauce.
  2. I've heard that mushroom picking is a favorite outdoor activity in Russia.
  3. Shiitake mushrooms are now sold in many American supermarkets.
  4. It's amazing what high prices people will pay for matsutake mushrooms. They must really taste good!

英会話レッスンWhat are YOU having for dinner tonight?