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For Life
2006.09.11(Review of 2003.08.29 edition)


Believe it or not, the year is nearly three-quarters over already. Well, with time flying by so quickly, we really felt the need to slow down and “smell the coffee”, as they say. This week's set of WordMasters is our way of doing just that!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
STRONG / WEAK (coffee)   濃い/薄い(コーヒー)


  • A strong cup of coffee or tea is coffee or tea with a powerful flavor.

    A weak cup of coffee or tea is coffee or tea that is not strong.

    Be Careful! When talking about coffee or tea, we do NOT use the words “thick” or “thin” like the Japanese 濃い and 薄い to mean strong and weak.
  • コーヒーや紅茶などの飲み物が「濃い」と言いたいとき、strong を使います。

    反対に、「薄い」と言いたいときは weak を使います。

    注意:コーヒーや紅茶などの飲み物の、濃い、薄い、を言うとき、thick や thin は使いません。


  1. I'm so sleepy ... What I need is a strong cup of coffee to keep me awake.
  2. (serving tea)
    How's your tea? I can add a little more hot water if it's too strong.
  3. Many Japanese think Americans like their coffee weak, but tastes have been changing thanks to the popularity of specialty coffee chains.

英会話レッスンHave you had your cup of java today?