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2006.09.06(Review of 2001.12.18 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
乗る vs. 運転する vs. 飛行機で行く(操縦する)vs. 船で行く(操縦する)


  • Talking about passengers
    To ride ON a train or bus or IN a car is to travel as a passenger. As a passenger, you can also sail ON a ship or fly ON a plane. In the United States, we also say “ride a train/bus” (without “on”).

    Talking about the person in control
    To drive a car, van, truck, or bus is to be in control of it (= the person behind the steering wheel). Similarly, you fly a plane, sail a ship, and ride a bicycle or motorcycle.

    Be Careful! When talking about the person in control, we do NOT use “in” or “on” after the verb.
  • 乗客として乗り物に乗る場合
    ride ON a train/bus(電車/バス)、ride IN a car(車)と言うと、これらの乗り物に乗客として乗る、という意味です。sail ON a ship (船で行く)、fly ON a plane(飛行機で行く)も乗客として乗る、という意味で使われます。アメリカ英語では、on をつけずに ride a train/bus とも言います。

    drive は、車、バン、トラック、バスなどをハンドルを操作して運転する、という意味です。同じように、fly a plane(飛行機を操縦する)、sail a ship(船を操縦する)、ride a bicycle/motorcycle(自転車/バイクに乗る)、と言うことができます。

    注意:運転手として乗り物に乗る場合、動詞の後に in や on をつけません。


  1. I don't like riding on the trains during rush hour.
  2. Since my car broke down, I've had to ride the bus to work. I miss driving.
  3. Three million yen seems like a lot of money for a car that you only drive two or three times a month.
  4. a: I'm flying back tomorrow.
    b: On what airline?
    a: I always fly on Berlitz airline. No one can beat their service.
  5. She has always dreamed of learning how to fly an airplane.
  6. I'm taking a cruise next summer. We're sailing to the Caribbean on the WordMaster of the Seas. They say the ship is unsinkable.
  7. Terry's new boyfriend sails racing yachts. How cool is that!
  8. It's against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

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