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2006.09.04(Review of 2000.08.11 edition)

Welcome back to the bright, bold world of Berlitz WordMaster!

This week, we're going places - by automobile, plane, ship, and many other of the wonderful modes of transport humankind has devised. So don't just stand there ... let's go!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
GET IN(TO) / GET OUT (OF)   乗る/降りる


  • To get in or get into a car, van, truck, taxi, or limousine is to enter it.

    To get out or get out of a car, van, truck, taxi, or limousine is to exit it.

    Be Careful[1]! When get out is followed by the vehicle you are exiting, you must add “of”. For example, you say “get out OF the truck”, NOT “get out the truck”.

    Be Careful[2]! To talk about entering and exiting buses, trains, planes, or ships, it is more common to use the expressions “get on” and “get off”.

    * See the 15 June 2005 WordMaster, “GET ON / GET OFF”.
  • get in または get into は、乗用車、バン、トラック、タクシー、リムジンなどに乗る動作を表します。

    get out または get out of は、乗用車、バン、トラック、タクシー、リムジンなどから降りる動作を表します。

    注意[1]:get out の後に乗り物の名前がくるときには of をつけます。例えば、get out OF the truck と言いますが、get out the truck とは言いません。

    注意[2]:バス、電車、飛行機、船などの乗り降りについて話すときには get on や get off を使うのが一般的です。

    * 2005/6/15 の WordMaster “GET ON / GET OFF” 参照


  1. (pointing to his car)
    Get in. I'll drive you home.
  2. (after losing her keys)
    How am I going to get into the van without my keys?
  3. (to a bank robber trying to escape)
    This is the police. Get out of your car with your hands up!
  4. (giving advice to a tourist)
    You don't have to open or close the door when you get in and out of a taxi in Japan. The driver does that.
  5. (a passenger to the driver of a car)
    Why don't I get out here? You can park in this lot and then meet me at the theater. I'll get in line for tickets.

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