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  • A direction is the way towards which someone or something is moving, pointing, or facing.

    * Also see the 22 August 2000 WordMaster, “DIRECTIONS”.
  • direction とは、人やものが移動したり、指し示したり、面していたりしている向き、つまり、方向、という意味です。

    * 2000/8/22 の WordMaster “DIRECTIONS” 参照


  1. We'd better get gas here. There's not another gas station in this direction for fifty miles.
  2. (asking for directions)
    a: How much further is it to the Berlitz Botanical Gardens?
    b: About five miles. But you're driving in the wrong direction. (pointing) It's that way.
  3. I began to think that we weren't going in the right direction because most of the traffic was heading (= moving) in the opposite direction.
  4. (fictional news report)
    Highway 66 from Bluewater to Grants is currently closed in both directions due to flooding.
  5. The tornado suddenly changed direction and began moving our way.
  6. Since I have no sense of direction, I'm hopeless without a map.

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