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For Life
2006.05.31(Review of 2004.07.21 edition)

“All things in moderation,” they say. Well, here's what happens when we forget that good advice.

Today's Lesson
DRUNK   酔っ払った


  • You are drunk when you cannot think clearly or act in your normal manner because you have had too much alcohol.
  • drunk は、酒を飲みすぎたせいで、はっきりと物事を考えられない、あるいは、普段どおりの行動ができない状態をさします。


  1. You can't drive - you're drunk! Give me the car keys.
  2. Drunk driving is a serious crime.
  3. Tim came home drunk last night. He'd been out drinking with the guys from work again.
  4. a: I feel like getting drunk tonight!
    b: That seems like a silly way to celebrate getting out of the hospital.
  5. Someone spilled wine all over my dress, but I was too drunk to care.
  6. My favorite memory of Mexico was the afternoon we spent at that cafe on the beach getting drunk on margaritas.

英会話レッスンTomorrow the drinks are on us!