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Today's edition describes a goal shared by every English student we know. Someday, wouldn't it be nice to say, “I'm ...

Today's Lesson
FLUENT   流暢な


  • To be fluent is to be able to speak a language well and easily. If someone is fluent in a language - for example, English - we can also say that they speak “fluent English”.

    Fluency is the noun form of this word.
  • fluent とは、ある言語を上手に、また苦労せずに話すことができる、つまり、流暢な、という意味です。例えば、英語を流暢に話せる人のことは、Someone is fluent in English. あるいは、Someone speaks “fluent English.” と言うことができます。

    名詞では、fluency といいます。


  1. My wife is fluent in English and French, and she also speaks a little Spanish and Italian.
  2. Naomi moved with her family to Berlin when she was 7 years old. She came back a few years later speaking fluent German.
  3. My goal is to speak English fluently someday.
  4. I'm looking for someone with native or near-native fluency in Chinese to meet once a week for conversation.
  5. This 3-CD set is designed to help intermediate students develop greater fluency in Arabic.

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