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For Life
2006.05.11(Review of 2000.12.31 edition)

Here's how we spend the other two-thirds of our lives!

Today's Lesson


  • To be up is to be out of bed.

    To stay up is to continue to be out of bed.
  • be up は、寝床に入っていない状態、つまり、起きている状態をさします。

    stay up は、寝床に入らずにいる状態が継続すること、つまり、寝ずに起きていることを表します。


  1. a: Where's Keisuke?
    b: He isn't up yet. He was out with his friends until 2:00 in the morning.
  2. (on the phone)
    I'm sorry to call so late. Is Jenny still up?
  3. MOTHER: It's time to go to bed.
    DAUGHTER: Oh, Mom, can I please stay up a little longer?
  4. Don't stay up too late. It's a school night.

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