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For Life
2006.04.25(Review of 2002.11.25 edition)

It's time to get up, so splash some water on your face and let's begin the new day!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
WAKE-UP CALL   モーニングコール


  • A wake-up call is a telephone call from a hotel employee to wake a guest from sleep.

    Be careful! We do NOT use the expression “morning call” like the Japanese モーニングコール to mean wake-up call.
  • wake-up call は、ホテルの従業員が、宿泊客を起こすために部屋にかける電話、つまり、モーニングコールのことです。

    注意:「モーニングコール」と言っても、wake-up call の意味にはなりません。


  1. (checking in at a hotel)
    CLERK: Would you like a wake-up call in the morning?
    GUEST: Please. Could you wake me up at 7:00?
  2. (the next day)
    GUEST: I was late for my appointment today! You were supposed to give me a wake-up call at 7:00!
    CLERK: I'm very sorry. We did call you, but there was no answer.
  3. (at another hotel)
    GUEST: Do you have a wake-up call service?
    CLERK: No, we don't. But there's an alarm clock in every room.

英会話レッスンNow that you're awake, go out there and make it a day to remember!