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For Life
2006.04.24(Review of 2000.09.16 edition)


Golden Week is near, May will no doubt bring milder weather and sunshine, and the call of the ocean and mountains is becoming hard to resist. Well, here's a collection of words for you to slip into your traveling case when you decide to step out and heed that call!

Today's Lesson


  • To check in at a hotel or airport or to check INTO a hotel is to go to a desk or counter there to say that you have arrived.

    Check-in is the process of checking in at a hotel or airport.

    To check out OF a hotel or to check out is to leave a hotel after returning the room key and paying for your room.

    Check-out is the process of checking out of a hotel.
  • 動詞として使う check in とは、ホテルや空港に到着したことを知らせるために、フロントやカウンターに行く、という意味です。check INTO a hotel という言い方もできます。

    名詞として使う check-in とは、ホテルや空港で行う、宿泊手続き、(飛行機の)搭乗手続きのことです。

    check out OF a hotel あるいは check out とは、部屋の鍵を返して、宿泊料を支払ったうえでホテルを出る、という意味です。

    名詞として使う check-out とは、ホテルから出る手続きのことです。


  1. (front desk clerk to a hotel guest)
    The bellman will take you to your room after you check in, sir. Would you mind filling out this registration form and showing me some identification?
  2. It's a good idea to check in two to three hours before taking an international flight.
  3. a: When is the earliest I can check into the hotel?
    b: Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.
  4. I'm flying business class to Beijing. Which check-in counter should I use?
  5. Before you check out of the hotel, don't forget to look around the room to make sure you haven't left anything there.
  6. (front desk clerk to a guest checking in)
    Would you like to pay for your room now or when you check out?
  7. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. There is an extra charge for late check-out.

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