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Today's Lesson
CLASS / COURSE   授業/科目・講座


  • A class is a lesson.

    A class - or course - is also a series of lessons in a particular subject.
  • class とは、授業のことです。

    class または、course にはある分野の連続した授業、つまり、科目・講座、という意味もあります。


  1. There aren't any classes tomorrow. It's a holiday.
  2. (teacher to students)
    Please read Chapter 14 by next class.
  3. My last class ends at 3:30.
  4. The students saw a video in class today.
  5. Daisuke is taking five classes next semester.
  6. I'm really enjoying my psychology class.
  7. My college courses are much more challenging than the classes I had in high school.
  8. Linda is taking a course in computer animation at the art school.

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