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For Life

For those of us who have trouble deciding what clothes to wear in the morning, this is a real blessing!

Today's Lesson


  • A uniform is a special set of clothes worn by students who go to the same school, by employees who work at the same company, or by members of the same organization.
  • uniform とは、同じ学校に通う学生や、同じ企業で働く従業員、同じ組織に属する人などが着る特別な服装、つまり、制服のことです。


  1. a: Do the students wear uniforms at your school?
    b: No, we just wear regular clothes.
  2. I didn't recognize you in your work uniform.
  3. Sarah came to the Halloween party dressed in a nurse's uniform.
  4. (from the “School Rules”)
    White knee-high socks are part of the uniform and must be worn at all times.

英会話レッスンAnd now it's time to speak the words that every child longs to hear - “School's out!” Have a great weekend!