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For Life
2006.04.03(Review of 2002.04.08 edition)

It's that time of year again, when everything seems to be getting a fresh start - the kids are back in school, eager college grads are getting their first taste of the real world, and new life is blooming in our gardens and parks.

It's also time to start a new week of Berlitz WordMaster. The theme: “Starting with Class!”

Today's Lesson
(大学の)入学式 / (小学校・中学校・高校の)入学式


  • A matriculation ceremony is a ceremony for new students to formally welcome and accept them as members of the school (usually a college or university).

    The expression entrance ceremony is often used to talk about such a ceremony at Japanese elementary schools and junior and senior high schools.
  • matriculation ceremony とは、新入学生のための式典で、新入生を学校(通常、大学)の一員として公式に認め、歓迎する式のことです。

    日本の小・中・高校で行われる、同様の式典をさす場合は、entrance ceremony という表現がよく使われます。


  1. We bought our daughter a new dress for her matriculation ceremony. She starts college in a few days.
  2. In Tokyo, the cherry trees are usually in blossom when school entrance ceremonies are held.
  3. Look at this! It's a photograph of my high school class on the day of our entrance ceremony. Everyone looks so young!

英会話レッスンCongratulations to all the new students out there!