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Here's a word that is much misunderstood - and the cause of much unnecessary embarrassment as a result!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ


  • Something or someone is glamorous if they are more attractive and exciting than ordinary things or people, often because of their special style or rich appearance.

    Glamor is the quality of something that makes it glamorous.

    Be Careful! If we describe a woman using the word glamor or glamorous, this does NOT necessarily mean she has a full figure, like the Japanese word グラマー. For example, some supermodels are very thin, but also very glamorous.
  • glamorous とは、特別な雰囲気や豪華な外見のために、一般的なものや人よりも魅力があり、興味を惹く様子をいいます。

    glamor とは、何かを魅力的にしている特質のことです。

    注意: glamorglamorous を用いて女性を形容した場合、必ずしもその人が日本語の「グラマー」が意味するような豊満な体型であるとは限りません。たとえば、スーパーモデルはとても痩せている人もいますが、それでも glamorous と言うことができます。


  1. Johnny Wow and Tina Idol were Hollywood's most glamorous couple until they broke up last year.
  2. (a TV anchorman)
    My job isn't as glamorous as it seems. The hours are long, and the pressure is intense.
  3. She's a successful fashion designer, and her family is rich. She must have such a glamorous life!
  4. The glamor of cities like London, Paris, and Rome makes them major tourist attractions.

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